The Downside of Diversity (Curated)

[Curated] By Rev. Amy Butler of the Riverside Church in New York, New York.  Rev. Butler writes for her blog, Talk With the Preacher. For some time I’ve been of the conviction that cultivating diverse communities of faith is critical to living the gospel. Some tell me creating a diverse community is just not aContinue reading “The Downside of Diversity (Curated)”

Relationships and the sacred space we share

I hear the cliche all of the time: “We are a welcoming church.” No church thinks that they are not welcoming and, no matter the denomination, each one boasts,”All are invited,” on the marquee. But I know of a test that truly determines whether this is true: The “Pew Test.” It is very simple: If a guest comes to yourContinue reading “Relationships and the sacred space we share”