What good is a cold, distant and useless God?

The most recent film from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan is based on a folktale in which the devil roams the earth in order to collect the souls of sinners unsaved.¬† The movie, “Devil,” is a thriller about five individuals¬† (one of whom is the devil incarnate) stuck on an elevator. As each personContinue reading “What good is a cold, distant and useless God?”

Grandparents are indispensable gifts from God

Some of my greatest childhood memories include the times when my parents allowed me to sleep over my grandmother’s house (the finished basement of my childhood home). Although it was only a few hours at a time for “Gram,” it helped shape my perspective on the important role of grandparents. Whenever I spent the night,Continue reading “Grandparents are indispensable gifts from God”