The God of Terrors, and other nightmares

By Joe LaGuardia The Bible says that God is love, but it also says that God is terrifying. In a recent study on covenants of the Bible, my congregation and I read Genesis 15 as a refresher on the promises God gave to Abram. The covenant ceremony which God initiated states: “As the sun wasContinue reading “The God of Terrors, and other nightmares”

The Lord is our strength; whom shall we fear?

We all have fears.  Some of us have basic fears, like that of the dark or a spooky movie.  Others of us have phobias–physiological reactions to certain stimuli, like heights or spiders.  Some are paralyzed by fear, absolutely frightened by the unknown. Fear can become overwhelming, but it can also become a powerful catalyst forContinue reading “The Lord is our strength; whom shall we fear?”