Redefining Christian Witness

“We are against Halloween,” one minister recently told me.  This is a common response I get from folks in the church.  That, and:  “We are against homosexuals, abortion, environmentalists, liberals, social-gospel types, postmodernists, illegal immigrants, people-who-worship-like-that, health-care reform, and redistribution.”  As some Christians follow in the footsteps of partisan politicians, it remains an easy habitContinue reading “Redefining Christian Witness”

Councilman Joel Burns points BGLT students to a hope-filled future, fights bullying

Several weeks ago, I posted an article that spotlighted the negative repercussions of bullying in the workplace.   We usually think that bullying is mere child’s play.  Unfortunately, in many instances–especially when students and children are involved–bullying can be fatal. In a moving, personal plea, Fort Worth city councilman Joel Burns encourages students who have beenContinue reading “Councilman Joel Burns points BGLT students to a hope-filled future, fights bullying”