Cornbread, Biscuits and the Bread of Life

By Rev. Jane Weston Rev. Weston is priest of St. Simon’s Episcopal Church.  This was her sermon at the annual Community Thanksgiving service in Rockdale County, Georgia.  Rev. Weston grew up Southern Baptist in Kentucky. A couple of years ago I was looking through a stack of magazines and came across a poll where readers wereContinue reading “Cornbread, Biscuits and the Bread of Life”

Snowy, steepled church inspires Christmas blessings

By Joe LaGuardia Just mention the word “church”, and people do not think of auditoriums with coffee shops, but the classic one-room, steepled church set in a snowy, foothills environment.  A red door stands ready to greet visitors and large windows provide light even on the darkest of days.  Perhaps there is a bell tower, chimingContinue reading “Snowy, steepled church inspires Christmas blessings”