Wrestling with Masks, Coronavirus, and CPAPS. Or not…

By Joe LaGuardia Churches are facing unprecedented times in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.  At first, we were all united in our efforts to keep people engaged and worshiping at home.  We invested in online platforms, learned how to speak into cameras (an audience of one), and utilized crowd-sourcing social media to facilitate groupContinue reading “Wrestling with Masks, Coronavirus, and CPAPS. Or not…”

6 steps to overcome discouragement

By Matt Sapp It’s A Wonderful Life opens with a conversation between God, St. Peter and Clarence, angel second-class. Clarence is about to get his big chance as a guardian angel, and upon hearing that his charge, George Bailey, is in desperate need of his services, Clarence asks with urgency, “What’s wrong? Is he sick?”Continue reading “6 steps to overcome discouragement”