PTSD, Pastors, and a Program for Healing

By Joe LaGuardia I had a spell of post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) today. I am writing while it is still fresh in my mind. People who suffer from PTSD never know when it is going to hit. We try to identify triggers, but sometimes they are unavoidable. Living in these stressful, fear-laden times does notContinue reading “PTSD, Pastors, and a Program for Healing”

“One Like Us:” Discovering God’s True Love for Us

Text: Hebrews 2 I. Did anyone catch the season finale of the reality show, The Bachelor, last week? I’ll fill you in on the premise: Basically, a bachelor spends two months with two dozen women contestants to find the love of his life.  During the show, he eliminates a woman until one lucky lady isContinue reading ““One Like Us:” Discovering God’s True Love for Us”