“I Got Nothing”: Narrative Wreckage and Charleston

By Joe LaGuardia In the wake of last week’s domestic terrorist attack against Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show delivered an extemporaneous monologue. Stewart said that he was unable to focus on prepping for his show all day, and he did not have any jokes to tell. “I got nothing,” StewartContinue reading ““I Got Nothing”: Narrative Wreckage and Charleston”

Open Letter to public officials concerning gun control legislation

This is an open letter I sent to my representatives and the executive office, including Senators Saxby Chambliss and John Isakson, House Representative Hank Johnson, and President Barack Obama. September 9, 2013 Dear United States Congress, A little over a month ago on 5 August 2013, Rockne Newell stormed a town hall meeting in RossContinue reading “Open Letter to public officials concerning gun control legislation”