And the Church went away, grieved

By Joe LaGuardia In Mark 10, a rich young man asked Jesus how to possess eternal life.  Jesus told him to follow through on the Ten Commandments.   The man was religious and had a routine.  He served God and made charitable contributions to society.  “But there is one thing you lack,” Jesus told him,Continue reading “And the Church went away, grieved”

A Pastor appreciates the hymns: “Be Still, My Soul”

By Joe LaGuardia A Pastor Appreciates the Hymns is a series on hymnody and worship in the church.  By incorporating personal testimony and theological reflection, the series draws meaning and strength from sacred songs past and present. When my father passed away tragically four years ago and we were planning his service with ministers at hisContinue reading “A Pastor appreciates the hymns: “Be Still, My Soul””