When silence is the only language you can speak

By Joe LaGuardia I did not preach much Sunday, September 3.   I tried, but all I was able to do was give testimony.  When we preachers have nothing to say about a biblical text, it is just best to testify.  It does not have to be scholarly or well-organized, but it does have toContinue reading “When silence is the only language you can speak”

Celebration & Grief: A Season of “Firsts”

By Joe LaGuardia As I am writing this, the weather is a warm 80 degrees, and my wife and children are at the beach collecting shells.  There is a slight breeze.  I can tell by the waving palm trees just outside my office window. All of this is a reminder that I am not inContinue reading “Celebration & Grief: A Season of “Firsts””