Three Thoughts and the Redemption of Time

By Matt Sapp Yesterday was my fourth wedding anniversary.  The second day of June, 2012, I married Julie Knight and have been privileged to live in her orbit ever since. Each year we each travel 93 million miles around the sun.  So, today, Julie and I have made it 372 million miles together—an incredible journeyContinue reading “Three Thoughts and the Redemption of Time”

Thanksgiving Reflection: The Fragility of Life and Gratitude

By Joe LaGuardia – A Thanksgiving reflection. Reflecting on the fragility of life and the significance of gratitude, the poet of Psalm 39 wrote, “Hear my prayer, O Lord . . . for I am your passing guest, a sojourner, like my ancestors” (v. 12). This author is not alone in facing the finality ofContinue reading “Thanksgiving Reflection: The Fragility of Life and Gratitude”