160 Sheep missing; Imagine if it was only 1

Several weekends ago, a little town in England ironically called Wool fell victim to a mass sheep theft ring.  Shepherds returned to an industrial farm on Monday morning to find 160 sheep missing from the fold.  Authorities claimed that the heist was one of the largest in cattle history, and the thieves would have hadContinue reading “160 Sheep missing; Imagine if it was only 1”

God’s Gift of Grace (John 8:2-12)

Text: John 8:2-12 Title: “God’s Gift of Grace” I. She tried to leave before sunrise as conspicuously as possible.  She even wore those big sunglasses that the famous celebrities wear when they try to avoid the media.  But it was as if they were trying to trap her, as if they had known.  She feltContinue reading “God’s Gift of Grace (John 8:2-12)”