The New Oxford Annotated Study Bible, Fourth Edition, and Me

Above is my 20-year long-use review of three Oxford Annotated NRSVs. For the past half-year, I have been vacillating about whether to purchase a new Bible.  Every time I went to Cokesbury in Atlanta, I drooled over all of my favorite translations.  I looked at hard covers and the leather editions. I checked prices andContinue reading “The New Oxford Annotated Study Bible, Fourth Edition, and Me”

“Slow reading” is rooted in Lectio Divina

    Everyone who knows me knows that I am an avid reader.  I used to knock out a book every week or so, sometimes two books if I had to read for classes.  When I had children, reading became a rare recreational activity. Now that my children are older, I try to read moreContinue reading ““Slow reading” is rooted in Lectio Divina”