The God of Terrors, and other nightmares

By Joe LaGuardia The Bible says that God is love, but it also says that God is terrifying. In a recent study on covenants of the Bible, my congregation and I read Genesis 15 as a refresher on the promises God gave to Abram. The covenant ceremony which God initiated states: “As the sun wasContinue reading “The God of Terrors, and other nightmares”

The spiritual discipline of “waiting upon the Lord”

Sermon preached for lectionary, 2013 September 1. Texts: Genesis 15:1-6, Luke 12:32-40. I. I had a preaching professor who once told us to rarely, if ever, use our family for sermon illustrations…But, I must tell you about my son’s first day of school this past month! You know what its like on the first dayContinue reading “The spiritual discipline of “waiting upon the Lord””