Reconciliation (part 2): The Beloved Community

By Joe LaGuardia and Karen Woods Several weeks ago, Trinity’s associate pastor, Karen Woods, and I wrote an article on the art of reconciliation and truth-telling to improve race relations.  This is the second of two articles. In the book of Genesis, God created Eden, a place where God and humans communed together (Genesis 2).  There,Continue reading “Reconciliation (part 2): The Beloved Community”

Be an example of Christ-like love, “for the good of all”

By Joe LaGuardia You never know who is watching you and what kind of impact you may have on people. I learned this the hard way when I was a rookie youth pastor in college.  I, ever the introvert, got to know the kids in my youth group, planned events, and taught Bible studies. WhenContinue reading “Be an example of Christ-like love, “for the good of all””