“From Ashes to Ashes” (An ode to Becky Wilson)

In honor of Becky Wilson’s interment, Eastertide 2013 They say, “From ashes to ashes,” I don’t know why.  For sympathy I suppose. It sounds scriptural, yet It all seems so fatalistic to me. Perhaps it’s the “from” part I don’t like. We are always on the go From one place to another. I like emphasizingContinue reading ““From Ashes to Ashes” (An ode to Becky Wilson)”

Balancing between this world and the next

In last week’s article, I mentioned a question my daughter asked before her great-grandmother’s funeral.  “If Grandma is in heaven, then why is her body still here?” She posed the question while we were on the way to the wake.  Since this would be her and my son’s first funeral, my wife and I explainedContinue reading “Balancing between this world and the next”