Lack of friendships in economy only adds to isolation and depression

When we consider our economic downturn in the United States, we immediately think about lack of jobs and money.  As I talk to more people, however, I learn that the glaring casualty from America’s recession is a loss of friendships. One might assume that the prevalence of online networks, such as Facebook or email, wouldContinue reading “Lack of friendships in economy only adds to isolation and depression”

Seeking Commitment in a “No Strings Attached” Society

In the film, No Strings Attached, friends Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) hook up in what is commonly called a “friends with benefits” relationship (Beware: spoilers ahead!).  Basically, a friend with benefits is one that offers sexual intimacy without any obligations or commitments. In the film, Emma is the high-powered professional who setsContinue reading “Seeking Commitment in a “No Strings Attached” Society”