Building Christian coalitions is at critical juncture in Middle East

By Joe LaGuardia Every week, a group of us from Trinity Baptist Church gather for coffee in Old Town, Conyers, to discuss whatever is on our minds.  Sometimes we try to solve the world’s problems. This past week, conflicts in the Middle East came up for discussion. As expected, it focused on ISIS, war in Iraq,Continue reading “Building Christian coalitions is at critical juncture in Middle East”

No such thing as a “Righteous War”

This week marks the centennial anniversary of the First World War’s beginning.  For many, it was the war to end all wars; and for powerful clergy that shaped religious and political life in America at the time, it was the very war by which God would usher in His Kingdom. In his book, The War for Righteousness, historian (and myContinue reading “No such thing as a “Righteous War””