A Reading Life (prt. 10): Sci-Fi, Star Trek, and Junk Fiction

By Joe LaGuardia A Reading Life is a blog series focused on the literature that has shaped my life and call to ministry. Find the introduction here.   In my previous post, I wrote of the melancholy I experienced in seminary.  I burned out on biblical academia, and inspiration was hard to come by.  I foundContinue reading “A Reading Life (prt. 10): Sci-Fi, Star Trek, and Junk Fiction”

Halloween can help a child’s faith development

I’m probably one of only a handful of Baptist ministers that you’ll ever meet who actually considers Halloween a favorite holiday.  Every year, I look forward to reliving the wonderfully rich memories of my childhood by invoking all of the imaginary and fantastic surrealism that comes with the season: trick or treating, decorating the houseContinue reading “Halloween can help a child’s faith development”