The day after Easter: Fear and Joy

According to Matthew’s gospel, on the morning that Jesus rose from the dead, several women were commissioned to tell the disciples all that had taken place. It says that they left the tomb “with fear and great joy” (28:8). Fear and joy is not a likely pair.  Usually, we experience one or the other.  We fearContinue reading “The day after Easter: Fear and Joy”

“Death of Pretense”: An Easter Sermon

Preached at Trinity Baptist Church on April 8, 2012. Text:  Mark 16:1-8 I. Bible scholars are unclear as to the real ending of the Gospel of Mark.  If you look in your Bibles later this evening to catch up on some Easter reading, you’ll note that there are several “endings” to Mark 16. We areContinue reading ““Death of Pretense”: An Easter Sermon”