Facing Father’s Day without a father

I’ve written extensively for my county’s newspaper, The Rockdale Citizen, about the hardship and grief associated with motherloss during the holidays and Mother’s Day (read it about it here and here).  What about the loss of fathers during Father’s Day? Grief hits us most profoundly when special occasions occur, especially firsts.  This weekend, grief willContinue reading “Facing Father’s Day without a father”

Promise keeping Dads are modern-day heroes

One of the most formative and significant contributions a father can make in the life of a child is that of a kept promise. Christians are quick to look elsewhere when finding something to blame for society’s moral decay: Promiscuity, homosexuality, humanism, communism, and the like have all been scapegoats for the “families are under attack” paranoia in evangelical circles.Continue reading “Promise keeping Dads are modern-day heroes”