Take time to be with loved ones

I have spent a lot of time in gardens this year, more time than ever before. One of them was a large garden–Gibb’s Gardens up in Canton–and the others were gardens of those who attend my church.  At church, we have been working on a prayer garden of our own for our 30th anniversary asContinue reading “Take time to be with loved ones”

Make room for storytelling, memoirs of faith as a spiritual practice

My father’s side of the family is especially good at storytelling.  I don’t know what it is about those LaGuardias, but their stories can captivate people for hours. It’s probably my Grandpa’s influence.  I remember attending barbeques (“grilling out” in the South) as a child and listening to him for hours as he told storiesContinue reading “Make room for storytelling, memoirs of faith as a spiritual practice”