Giving Thanks means Giving to Others with Divine Generosity

I’m sure most of my readers know by now that I am a movie nut.  My daughter takes after me; so, now that she is almost eight years old, I thought it appropriate that we watch one of my favorite childhood movies together, “The Neverending Story.” “The Neverending Story” is about a magical kingdom thatContinue reading “Giving Thanks means Giving to Others with Divine Generosity”

For spiritual warfare, see artists and poets

Better hold on to your hats: According to a Christian radio station in California, the end of the world–Judgment Day–will be next Saturday, May 21. With the onslaught of last month’s tornadoes, I can understand why people might fear the end of the world.  Even my father, who called to check on me and my family’s wellContinue reading “For spiritual warfare, see artists and poets”