What are we mad about this week? [Curated]

[Curated from the Ed Cyzewski blog.] By Ed Cyzewski I have been taking the weekends off from Facebook, and something strange has been happening on Monday morning. Feeling like Rip Van Winkle, I open up Facebook and review the news from the weekend. I catch myself wondering what people are angry about this week. It’sContinue reading “What are we mad about this week? [Curated]”

Facebook, social networking is good therapy if used properly

I am an introvert.  That means two things:  One, I make for a lousy pastor because I am shy.  Two, I live most of my life inside of my own head. In fact, there is a whole library in my head.  I pull up a chair, turn on the brain, and pick some good booksContinue reading “Facebook, social networking is good therapy if used properly”