The Social Media Dilemma and Courage to “Unplug”

By Joe LaGuardia The first thing my son does in the morning is open his laptop and watch his favorite YouTube channel.  My daughter checks her social media pages.  I groggily turn over and tune in to Facebook to see what is new.  My wife tells everyone to unplug. This is our typical day, asContinue reading “The Social Media Dilemma and Courage to “Unplug””

Do you have an Easter, Christian Worldview?

By Joe LaGuardia Over the last four weeks I have had the honor of being adjunct professor for a Thursday night class at Palm Beach Atlantic University.  The class, an eight-week required course for graduating seniors, asks students to think through how their education synchronizes with the rest of their life and projected fields ofContinue reading “Do you have an Easter, Christian Worldview?”