How to give, where to give: An exercise in Generosity

Over the past few years, I have been solicited by friends who are on the mission field. ¬†These days, denominations do not fully fund missionaries, so many who are called to spread God’s Word rely on individual support. Although there is a debate about tithing in church, there is no doubt that giving is aContinue reading “How to give, where to give: An exercise in Generosity”

Give hope to a family this Christmas

Give hope to a family in need this Christmas by donating a toy to the Rockdale Coalition, this year’s sponsor of the Christmas Hope project. Every year, Christmas Hope offers free toy gifts to nearly 500 impoverished families in our county. This year’s event will be from Dec. 17th to Dec. 19th.¬† All donations mustContinue reading “Give hope to a family this Christmas”