The interesting problem of altruism

We know and recognize kindness when we see it.  Kindness is everywhere–in the grocery store, among families, hopefully in manners our children exhibit.  But have you ever considered the origins of kindness?  Apparently, the search for the origin of kindness or, more specifically, altruism, is something that is popular in scientific circles.  Allow me toContinue reading “The interesting problem of altruism”

In modern society, eugenics lingers in the absence of ethical reflection

If there is one common theme that ties all of humanity together, from the earliest Neanderthals to modern (or post-modern) times, it is humanity’s desire to control its own destiny.   Consider that the earliest story of sin from Genesis consisted of two individuals, Adam and Eve, who ate from the tree of the “knowledge ofContinue reading “In modern society, eugenics lingers in the absence of ethical reflection”