Trinity Baptist celebrates 30 years of faith and the arts

By Joe LaGuardia Aside from some favorite times during the Christian year, such as Pentecost and Advent, we here at my church practice another event that has become a favorite: Christival.   Every October for the past thirty years, Trinity has observed Christival–a combination of “Christ” and “festival”–to celebrate faith and the arts. Each year, local artContinue reading “Trinity Baptist celebrates 30 years of faith and the arts”

Despite writer’s block, God still shows up

Confession: It’s overwhelming to write an article every week for the newspaper, especially when the writer has several lofty goals, like:  The article is not a simple rewrite of a sermon preached the week before.  Every article must be relevant and well-researched.     Honestly, though, it is so daunting sometimes that writer’s block setsContinue reading “Despite writer’s block, God still shows up”