Christians Engage the World Differently: With a Sense of Social Responsibility

We have a running joke in my family that’s become tradition. If a person loses something and asks another where that something is, the other person will say, “Am I your (something’s) keeper?” So it goes: “Hey, Honey, where’s my watch?” And the response: “I don’t know; am I your watch’s keeper?” You get theContinue reading “Christians Engage the World Differently: With a Sense of Social Responsibility”

You are “fearfully” made!

By Joe LaGuardia Several weeks ago one of my daughter’s classmates called her a name.  When my daughter started crying, her teacher bent down, leaned in and said with all confidence, “Dear, you are perfect—God’s child—fearfully and wonderfully made.” When I heard this story I was thankful that my daughter’s teacher was in tune toContinue reading “You are “fearfully” made!”