The New Year is an opportunity for conversion

The New Year is an opportunity to make resolutions.  Perhaps for many of us, however, resolutions may not be enough; we may need an actual conversion experience. There is a fourth-century story told of two monks in the Egyptian desert.  One monk came to the other for advice: “Father Joseph,” the monk said, “According asContinue reading “The New Year is an opportunity for conversion”

John’s Unquenchable, Advent Fire

Text: Matthew 3:1-12 I. Christmas is a few weeks away, but it will be here before you know it.  What will happen when Christmas comes?  We know its Jesus’ birthday, and we will surely celebrate.  The children will wake us up once again way too early; the hustle and bustle of family dinners will dominateContinue reading “John’s Unquenchable, Advent Fire”