Unity and World Communion Sunday

By Matt Sapp The first Sunday in October is World Communion Sunday.  So this Sunday at Central Baptist Church, we’ll celebrate the Lord’s Supper in worship as thousands of churches and millions of Christians all over the globe do the same. Over the years, I’ve developed a growing appreciation for the shared experience that willContinue reading “Unity and World Communion Sunday”

Powerful Bread, powerful wine: Eucharist from a unique Baptist perspective

During communion several Sundays ago, I had a chance to reflect on the Great Recession and recent hardships facing Christ’s Church in North America.  The lousy economy, a growing atheist movement unashamedly spreading the non-gospel of unbelief, waning baptism and attendance records in churches, and weakening denominations confront Christians with various challenges. While the deacons were servingContinue reading “Powerful Bread, powerful wine: Eucharist from a unique Baptist perspective”