Debating the Bible is Good for the Soul

By Joe LaGuardia In a sermon on Genesis, the Reverend Lillian Daniel told of an Israeli program that required rabbis to study the Torah in groups and learn how to debate its meaning.  Debate was not something to avoid, but significant because, as the theory goes, sacred scripture is too sacred not to debate.  Like weightyContinue reading “Debating the Bible is Good for the Soul”

Learn from the Italians: talk over one another!

By Joe LaGuardia In the South, it is considered rude to speak over another person.  It is polite to listen and yield to your conversational partner.  After all, Southerners are known to be humble, mannered folk. Not so for us Italians.  While growing up around a table full of bread, wine, and pasta, I learned that speaking overContinue reading “Learn from the Italians: talk over one another!”