4 Easy Ways to Support Your Church Staff

By Joe LaGuardia In the mid-1990s, G. Lloyd Rediger published Clergy Killers, which argued that some churches are so destructive and dysfunctional that they have actually persuaded some staff to give up ministry altogether.   Churches not adept in conflict management or basic communication skills run the risk of abusing staff or, in the least, drainingContinue reading “4 Easy Ways to Support Your Church Staff”

Ghosts in the sanctuary, ghouls in the fellowship hall

When I was trying to think of something patriotic to write about for the Fourth of July week, I couldn’t think of anything specific. Sure, I considered writing about the separation of church and state–a Baptist thing to do if there ever was one–but I thought (being a good southern yankee and all) why rockContinue reading “Ghosts in the sanctuary, ghouls in the fellowship hall”