The United Church

Texts: 1 Corinthians 1:4-10; 2 Chronicles 5:5:11 – 6:3 I. I took an immigration class in college in which my professor stated that the description of our nation as being a melting pot was inaccurate.  We are more like a tossed salad, he told us, in that we are mixed together but we maintain ourContinue reading “The United Church”

The Worshiping Church: An Epiphany Sermon

Text: Matthew 2:1-12 I. What does it mean to be Christ’s Church?  Some churches are defined by the families who make up the congregation.  One story is of a church made up of the Tate family. Dick Tate was the patriarch of the family and had been a deacon for as long as anyone couldContinue reading “The Worshiping Church: An Epiphany Sermon”