“Graveyard Shift”: A Sermon in Three Acts

Act 1: The Tale of Judas. You know ole’ Judas, right?  He was Jesus’ treasurer; and like the other disciples, he believed that Jesus was going to overthrow those Romans once and for all. Then Jesus started talking about all of that suffering and dying.  That was not the war cry of the long-expected Messiah.Continue reading ““Graveyard Shift”: A Sermon in Three Acts”

Caregivers: Burdened and blessed, and how to move on (part 3)

Beth McLeod, caregiver and author of “Caregiving: A Journey of Love, Loss, and Renewal,” once noted, “In a culture defined by short attentions spans and sound bites, family caregiving demands investment for the long term, often an abrogation of dreams and a wholesale reconstruction of the future, one slow brick at a time.” In otherContinue reading “Caregivers: Burdened and blessed, and how to move on (part 3)”