Jack of all trades, master of none

By Joe LaGuardia An advertisement from a church looking for a new pastor read: “Wanted: Pastor for small church.  Must excel in preaching, teaching, pastoral care, administration, leadership, vision setting, missions,  ministry, church growth.  Also, ten years experience a must.” A satirical ad, similar in tone, added: “Pastor must know politics, how to dry tearful eyes,Continue reading “Jack of all trades, master of none”

Reflections of a pastor’s two-year anniversary

This past Easter, my wife and I observed my second-year anniversary as Trinity’s pastor.  Although it seems longer at times and shorter at others, there have been many lessons learned.  Some were affirming; others were eureka moments. One of the most affirming things I’ve learned is that the sanctuary of a church is just that:Continue reading “Reflections of a pastor’s two-year anniversary”