Review of Jonathan Merritt’s “Jesus is Better Than You Imagined”

Just hot off the press, the latest book by Religion News Service senior writer, Jonathon Merritt, entitled Jesus is Better than You Imagined is worth a read because it is a profound take on one young person’s journey through the trials and triumphs that make for a vibrant Christian life. Unlike what the title implies, the book is notContinue reading “Review of Jonathan Merritt’s “Jesus is Better Than You Imagined””

A book can save someone’s life

I admire the Gideons and their faith, for theirs is the belief that just by picking up a Bible and reading it a life can be saved. For many Christians, the Bible is a powerful source of inspiration. It is God’s Word. For folks throughout Christian history, however, the Bible is not the only bookContinue reading “A book can save someone’s life”