The Pastor’s 2018 Reading List

By Joe LaGuardia There seems to be something arrogant about entitling a blog “The Pastor’s Reading List.”  I don’t know if it sounds haughty or elitist or what, but something does not seem right.  Yet, in the spirit of years gone by, I feel compelled to publish my reading list for this upcoming year. ItContinue reading “The Pastor’s 2018 Reading List”

The Pastor’s Study: Building blocks for effective ministry

By Joe LaGuardia The other day, my six-year old son visited the church office and asked, “Daddy, why do you have so many books?” My first answer was practical: “Because I like to read.” My second answer was theological: “And pastors have to learn in order to serve a church.” It was another way of saying that weContinue reading “The Pastor’s Study: Building blocks for effective ministry”