28 Thoughts at 28 Years of Age

By Emily Holladay Each year, I become more and more sentimental about birthdays. At first, birthdays were just days to celebrate a new milestone – one year closer to driving, adulthood, college, being “legal,” graduating, etc., etc., etc. Now (and with the dawn of Facebook), birthdays are days to reflect on all the memories, relationships,Continue reading “28 Thoughts at 28 Years of Age”

Happy 400th Birthday, Baptists!

When I meet people and tell them I am in the ministry, they assume that I am a Catholic priest. My dark complexion and Italian name do not necessarily yell “Baptist,” so when I correct people as to my religious background, they seem taken aback. For me, being Baptist is a mark of honor. TheContinue reading “Happy 400th Birthday, Baptists!”