A Hunger for Bible Literacy, Part 2

By Matt Sapp This is the second post in a series designed to encourage more of us to read the Bible more often. In part one, we talked about developing a basic understanding of what the Bible is and where the Bible comes from. When was it written? Who are the authors? Why were theyContinue reading “A Hunger for Bible Literacy, Part 2”

Enslaved souls, and the oddity of Psalm 105:18

By Joe LaGuardia Psalm 105 recalls the Lord’s faithfulness in leading Israel from Abram’s call from Ur to liberation out of enslavement in Egypt.¬† It is a prayer or hymn of thanksgiving, and invitation to remember Israel’s past in order to appreciate God’s future. Psalm 105 is a part of a triad (Psalms 104-106) that¬†celebratesContinue reading “Enslaved souls, and the oddity of Psalm 105:18”