Do you have an Easter, Christian Worldview?

By Joe LaGuardia Over the last four weeks I have had the honor of being adjunct professor for a Thursday night class at Palm Beach Atlantic University.  The class, an eight-week required course for graduating seniors, asks students to think through how their education synchronizes with the rest of their life and projected fields ofContinue reading “Do you have an Easter, Christian Worldview?”

The violence of Pentecost and the peace of the Gospel

By Joe LaGuardia Its not everyday that I get to try a new hermenuetic on for size.  Hermenuetics is the study of interpretation.  Like scientists who can switch out microscope lenses to vary magnifications, we Bible geeks can swap out various interpretative lenses in order to read scripture differently. I stumbled upon a review by Tony JonesContinue reading “The violence of Pentecost and the peace of the Gospel”