For the Love of the Bible

By Joe LaGuardia Some time ago, I wrote a column on the Christian sub-culture (or underworld?) of premium Bibles.  In it, I uncovered a whole new community made up of folks who love, review, purchase, swap, and talk Bibles.  These are not just any Bibles, mind you–rather, they run the gambit from hand-bound, high-priced BiblesContinue reading “For the Love of the Bible”

Who is voting for Trump, Clinton–a new Barna update

The Barna research group assessed various theological and faith-based segments of the population and grouped them into voting blocs.  For an interesting, yet timely read, follow the link below… [Curated] “The Faith and Ideology of Trump and Clinton Supporters” The battle for the presidency has produced a tight race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.Continue reading “Who is voting for Trump, Clinton–a new Barna update”