Triennial Convention reminds us of God’s work in the world

This May marks the bicentennial anniversary of the first Baptist Triennial Convention, a meeting of like-minded Baptists passionate about missions. It was the summer of 1814 in Philadelphia. More than 30 delegates pooled resources to support missionaries.  It came after a century of revolution and war, but also of explosive missionary activity inspired by theContinue reading “Triennial Convention reminds us of God’s work in the world”

Baptists Celebrate Women in Ministry in February

Every February, Baptist Women in Ministry ( encourages churches to celebrate women ministers and invite women clergy to preach.  It is a time to recognize that women and men alike, equal in partnership, are critical in spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m not sure when my own enthusiasm for celebrating women in ministry cameContinue reading “Baptists Celebrate Women in Ministry in February”