Celebrating 50 years of women ordination

This Sunday is Pentecost in the church calendar, a day in which we acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s outpouring on the early church (Acts 2). It will be a day to affirm God’s salvation and call “upon all flesh,” a calling whereby “your sons and your daughters shall prophesy…even upon my slaves, both men and women”Continue reading “Celebrating 50 years of women ordination”

Triennial Convention reminds us of God’s work in the world

This May marks the bicentennial anniversary of the first Baptist Triennial Convention, a meeting of like-minded Baptists passionate about missions. It was the summer of 1814 in Philadelphia. More than 30 delegates pooled resources to support missionaries.  It came after a century of revolution and war, but also of explosive missionary activity inspired by theContinue reading “Triennial Convention reminds us of God’s work in the world”