Book review: “Designing Contemporary Congregations,” by Laurene Beth Bowers

Laurene Beth Bowers, Designing Contemporary Congregations: Strategies to Attract Those Under Fifty, Pilgrim Press, 2008.  128 pages.  Available at Amazon. Occasionally, I come across such a great book that I must review it for our readers here at Baptist Spirituality. Abstract: In her second book on healthy church growth, Laurene Beth Bowers intends to inspireContinue reading “Book review: “Designing Contemporary Congregations,” by Laurene Beth Bowers”

Summertime Pews

By Danny Chisholm.  Reprinted with permission by the author. It’s that time of year again, and has been for a few months now. I for one enjoy a change of pace, and know that students in particular are glad not to be seeing their schools for a while. No homework, no studying, and no church. What?Continue reading “Summertime Pews”