Wishes for Lent

By Matt Sapp I wish ashes weren’t so messy. When you’re getting ready for an Ash Wednesday service, they can get everywhere. Once you touch them, you can’t touch anything else until you’ve washed them off. And that’s not always easy. It can take some real scrubbing. I wish Lent wasn’t so long. Forty days isContinue reading “Wishes for Lent”

Unique among friends: Creative fasting ideas for Ash Wednesday

This week is an important week in the Christian year: We begin the journey of Lent on Ash Wednesday, March 9th.  Lent is a period of forty days that leads up to Holy Week. Specifically, Lent is a time to travel with Christ through the wilderness of conversion and transformation.  Remember the story in MatthewContinue reading “Unique among friends: Creative fasting ideas for Ash Wednesday”