Transfiguration Sunday and “Pastor Stunts”

By Joe LaGuardia I’ve been trying to think of a stunt to pull.  I’m still not sure if it will be a stunt to raise money, draw attention to my church, or advocate for a cause.  There has to be something out there for me to do. That’s the “in thing” for pastors these days. Continue reading “Transfiguration Sunday and “Pastor Stunts””

Lent is the valley portion of faith

Lent began this week in the life of the church.  It is a time of preparation and penitence, a time for deep reflection in the depth of winter’s cold.  Although it is not a common practice in churches, Lent can still hold powerful inspiration for a vibrant faith. Lent has fallen by the wayside becauseContinue reading “Lent is the valley portion of faith”