The Difficulty with Submission in Lent

By Joe LaGuardia Several years ago–has to be nearly a decade by now–the Holy Spirit convicted me that I needed to learn a thing or two about submission and obedience.  I had been a Christ-follower for some time, but I have always had a flavor for independence and strong-willed stubbornness. In fact, I became aContinue reading “The Difficulty with Submission in Lent”

Wishes for Lent

By Matt Sapp I wish ashes weren’t so messy. When you’re getting ready for an Ash Wednesday service, they can get everywhere. Once you touch them, you can’t touch anything else until you’ve washed them off. And that’s not always easy. It can take some real scrubbing. I wish Lent wasn’t so long. Forty days isContinue reading “Wishes for Lent”