“Thou shall not worry”

By Joe LaGuardia “Do not worry,” Jesus told his disciples in no uncertain terms (Matthew 6:25).  It’s one of the clearest admonishments in scripture, and it stands up there with the ten commandments as being, well, God’s Word for us today. There are many times, however, that I have read that scripture and said, “It isContinue reading ““Thou shall not worry””

The Spiritual Discipline of Awareness

When my wife, her family and I lived in South Florida, we teased my mother-in-law about the fact that she claimed to have seen “white goats” at the nearby on-ramp to I-95. “Sure,” we’d say, twirling our fingers around our ears, “White goats . . . we see them all of the time.” Years passedContinue reading “The Spiritual Discipline of Awareness”