The Not-So-Good Goodbye

By Joe LaGuardia Authors note: This is an excerpt from a forthcoming book by Daphne Reiley and Joe LaGuardia for people who are receiving care from others.  We hope the book will be published in the next year or two.  It is posted on our current book’s blog, A Tapestry of Love. This past autumnContinue reading “The Not-So-Good Goodbye”

A prayer of gratitude for a “scattered” people…

The sermon last Sunday (and accompanying article) addressed the church as being a “scattered” people.  Not only do we feel scattered, but we see ourselves getting caught up in a load of schedules.  This may not be a bad thing; rather, God can use us just as effectively within this scattered world to reach peopleContinue reading “A prayer of gratitude for a “scattered” people…”